The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope

VATT Instrumentation and Computers

Current instruments and computing equipment available at the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope are:

VATT CCD Imager - Vatt4k
- A replacement STA0500A back illuminated 4K CCD was installed March, 2017.
- It is similar to the September 2007 one, including its QE, but full well when binned 2x2 is limited by the ADC (65000), and when unbinned is about 32000 DN (60,000e). Noise is about 4.5 e rms. Gain about 1.85 e/DN.
- Pixels: 4064x4064 15x15 microns
- FOV: 12.5 arcmin square
- pixel scale: 0.188 arcsec/pixel
- wavelength range: 300 - 1000 nm, peak 96% at 450 nm
- Preamplifiers added October 2008 inside the dewar. These give faster readout and lower noise.
- Full technical details for replacement CCD, serial number 8301, will be updated at the Imaging Technology Laboratory site under VATT systems


Galway Ultra Fast Imager - GUFI
- This L3CCD system, based on an Andor iXon back-illuminated CCD camera, gives a readout time of only 2ms, extremely high time resolutions of up to 400 images a second (subframed), and very low light level sensitivity.
- Field of view on VATT, 3 arcmin with current focal reducer.
- On loan from NUI Galway, currently until June 2011.
- Consult Richard Boyle for technical details, and see the NUI Galway Cool Stars, Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets group.


VATT CCD Spectrograph - VATTSpec
- This optical region spectrograph has AR coated refractive optics, with a beam size at its camera of 125 mm, giving ...
- slit length: 30 arcsec
- wavelength range: 360 - 950 nm
- spectral coverage: 100 nm at 0.1 nm resolution
- spectral resolutions: 0.1, 0.2, and 0.4 nm with 1 arcsec wide slit
- detector: back illuminated, low noise CCD STA0520A CCD, with very nice cosmetics
     2688x512 pixels
     See details of this UA ITL Serial Number 8228 CCD
- efficiency: determined by Mark Wagner for telescope plus spectrograph
- further details are under the Instructions for use of the VATT Spectrograph.
- bandpass filters available: S8612 (red blocking); GG-400, GG-475, OG-550 (cut-offs to the blue in nm).


Offset and slit-viewing guide box with CCD guide camera
- provides interface to derotator for all the above instruments.
- effective back focal distance, from guide box to focal surface, is 2.000".
- contains two filter wheels, each holding four 3.48" square filters. Adapters to accommodate 2" and 3" square filters are available.
- UBVRI, uvby, Vilnius,  Sloan, ECAS, and Order Blocking filters are currently provided.
- integrating sphere with continuum and calibration lamps.


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Christopher J. Corbally, S.J.
President of the National Committee to IAU

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