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Safety Program - 2009

Our safety program continues with great success. With the Steward Observatory safety manager, Dale Web, and mountain operations manager, Bob Peterson, walk-throughs continue on a six month interval to identify any potential safety issues. Currently this year none have been identified.

This year Gray extended the deck around the Telescope to facilitate a safe access for pumping down the VATT 4kccd camera. In the past, personnel had to remove the camera from the Telescope and take it to the instrument room, where a fixed vacuum pump was employed to pump the system down. This method exposed the camera to hazards such as dropping the instrument or electrical static discharge. The deck extension located on the Northeast side of the Telescope, accommodating our new portable vacuum station, now allows personnel to service the VATT 4kccd in situ and eliminates the above mentioned hazards.

The engineering team are continuing to work towards a safer work environment.

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