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Safety Program - 2010

Our safety program continues with great success. With our safety manager, Dale Web, and the assistant director of mountain operations Bob Peterson, walk-throughs continue on six month intervals to identify any potential safety issues. Currently, this year, we had one issue arise in the area of storing propane bottles. This has been an issue at other Telescopes on Mt. Graham, so a storage facility has been established with the help of MGIO personnel. This problem has been rectified and no other issues identified.

This year Gray manufactured a ramp for the observing floor. This ramp will aid in safely loading the facility instruments on to the scissors lift when instrument changes occur. During the summer shut down we were able to give this ramp a real workout when the team mounted the Spectrograph to the Telescope for the first time to test fit, balance, and check slit view guiding.

The engineering team continues to work towards a safer work environment.

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