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Telescope Maintenance - 2008

Gary Rosenbaum prepares to
“hard wash” the VATT primary
(David Harvey Photography)

The telescope primary mirror had a hard wash this year rather than a complete re-aluminization. Gary Rosenbaum, a mirror coating expert with the Steward Observatory mountain operations group, came up to train Gray on the hard-washing technique. Rosenbaum also advised on a maintenance procedure for keeping the primary mirror clean. Gray is now a licensed protector and keeper of the mirror.

During this period Franz, Rosenbaum, and Joe Hoscheidt, also from the mountain operations group, developed and revised the pump-down procedure for the VATT 4K CCD camera. This procedure set forth a system to check out and train selected personnel for handling our camera and has contributed to our overall instrument reliability of 98.9%.

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