The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope

Telescope Upgrades - 2009

Duffek, Harvey, and Johnson performed another network upgrade in the summer. The important highlights of this upgrade include:

  • A fi ber isolated main feed from the microwave tower was installed this year to eliminate the last hardwire copper connection to the Observatory equipment. All fi ber network feeds are working flawlessly.
  • All IP addresses have been changed to a scheme to form a private network. This change was done to improve network security as well as to save on network charges. A total savings on network charges should be on the order of $3,000/yr.
  • Johnson purchased, and installed a fl ashed based network fi rewall and VPN to enhance network security and create a secure connection between sites. This task was accomplished to pave the way towards remote observing in the future.
  • Johnson renamed all computers in the host table to better identify computers throughout the Observatory as part of the private network setup. This task corrects past defi ciencies in machine names that were confusing and non-descriptive (i.e., the computer that ran the VATT 4K CCD camera used to be called VATT pcx; it now is VATT 4kccd). The naming process chosen was to better identify each machine by function and location.
  • Franz built the new VATT 4Kccd vacuum pump station. This new pump allows for better portability and better cold temperature operation. A new pump down procedure was also implemented and documented.
  • Harvey, Johnson, and Boyle have been instrumental in continued observer training and support during the observing season.

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