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Telescope Upgrades - 2010

The VATT engineering team performed design, Altitude axis testing, documentation and re-configuration of the Telescope in preparation for VATT Spectrograph (VattSpec) commissioning. The important highlights of this work include:

Franz designed and Gray manufactured a handling fixture for the VATT Spectrograph. This fixture will be used to transport the 250lb instrument from the instrument room to the observing floor as well as serving as a tool for safe mounting of the instrument to the Telescope.

Duffek and Harvey designed a test for determining the Altitude axis moment of inertia. This information was needed to evaluate whether the Altitude axis brake had enough braking torque to stop the axis with the VATT Spectrograph mounted on the Telescope should a runaway condition occur. After evaluating the data, the moment of inertia is 35,875 lb-ft-sec2 which translates into a 1.6s deceleration from full slew. This is a very safe stop for personnel and the primary mirror.

Johnson backed up all Xterminal configurations, DNS name and addresses onto a flash drive. This is part of our ongoing documentation updates and recovery system.

Johnson upgraded the VATT Spectrograph GUI to include the dark slide status after Duffek designed new electronics to control this stage. A safety issue found during testing prompted the re-design of the original Astronomical Consultants and Equipment Inc. controller.

Franz designed and Gray manufactured new controller mounts to re-locate the guide camera and 4K-CCD controllers. The existing mounting scheme for these controllers interfered with the Spectrograph.

Harvey, Johnson, and Boyle have continued observer training and support during the observing season.

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